Fire Damage Claims

Fire damage can be a disaster in more ways than one for any business or homeowner. A fire can quickly tear through a property, damaging everything in it’s path. Insurance companies will cover the clean-up and restoration in certain fire damage situations. It is important that a qualified business or homeowner can assess the damages caused by the fire, how the fire started, and how to go about the fire damage insurance claim. The attorneys at Messrelian Law can represent the homeowner in their insurance claim to ensure they receive the repairs that are needed to get their life back in order.

As a California Property Damage Law Firm, we are able to assist you in any loss you may have suffered due to fire damage. After the fire, you will have to start the mitigation process of cleaning, restoring, and repairing your damaged home. If the property is a total loss, then the insurance company may fight harder for the smallest amounts of coverage; if the damage is small, an insurance company may take advantage of your situation by giving you lower than needed repair costs, that could eat away at your deductible.

We’ve helped plenty of our clients gain a proper settlement from their insurance company and can do the same for you.

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Common Types of Fires

Residential Fires Residential fires can start from food on the oven that has been burned, electrical wiring, flammable liquids, product defects of items in the house, and many more.

Wildfires California is also known for its’ extreme wildfire season that has left homes in ashes.

Arson If someone has intentionally set a fire in your home, you may have a case for criminal damages against that person. If they are found liable for the damage, Messrelian Law can file a lawsuit, or pursue damages for the repair of your property.

Electrical or Construction Defect If your home was recently built, or upgrades were recently installed, and a fire has taken place due to incorrect or faulty supplies on part of the contractor, call Messrelian Law for a FREE Consultation!

Recovery, Repair, Restoration

During the initial consultation at Messrelian Law, an intake representative will ask you a set of questions to determine if the law firm can assist you in your claim. In most situations, we will then set up an appointment for an inspection between you, our inspection team, and the insurance adjuster. Along with doing our own research, we will also note the insurance adjusters ability to recognize the damage. The process of receiving a settlement could include days, weeks, or even months of negotiations between our law firm and insurance company. However, with Messrelian Law at your side, you can rest assured that we will fight for you every step of the way.